Exhibition Archive


The Origins exhibition showcases paintings by the Vietnamese artist Quang Tran, a young painter, who has been living, studying, and working in Dresden since 2018. His work serves as a bridge between European and Vietnamese art, which was significantly influenced by French modernism in the 20th century.

By Deformation into the Present

The exhibition "By Deformation into the Present" showcases a collection of new paintings by Aren Shahnazaryan. Within the process of painting, the artist explores various states of the images, allowing him to venture down uncharted artistic paths.

Intergration of A Wolf

"Integration of a Wolf" showcases a series of self-portraits by Narek Arzumanyan. From his childhood, Arzumanyan has had a strong connection to nature, with little differentiation in his mind between humans and animals.


The independent art platform "Spür" was founded in Dresden by Aren Shahnazaryan and Quang Tran. Since not only the sales price but also the alleged value of artworks is now linked to the conventional art market, the two artists decided to go their own way.