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An art platform, an exhibition, a vision.

The independent art platform "Spür" was founded in Dresden by Aren Shahnazaryan and Quang Tran. Since not only the sales price but also the alleged value of artworks is now linked to the conventional art market, the two artists decided to go their own way. The basic idea of "Spür" was born: an alternative to the conventional art market, a place for young talented artists to show their art and evaluate it themselves.

Now the vision becomes reality, together with Ana Pireva and Narek Arzumanyan, Aren Shahnazaryan, and Quang Tran each show an excerpt from their oeuvre.

For Aren Shahnazaryan, his shown works sum up the mood of his art. With them, he explores a subject that is still unknown, even to Aren. The motifs show something changeable but also something that cannot yet be fully grasped.

Figuration, abstraction and still life are the core of Quang Tran's artistic work. In addition to his signature, the works also show an evolution in Quang Tran's work. From a reduced color palette and pasto color application to clear colors and more lightness.

Ana Pireva also works with still life but in a completely different way. While her ink works represent a deeper psychological and philosophical analysis of still life, the paper objects express her curiosity about paper as a material. Ana's art is characterized by the desire to create something new through experimentation.

New is the theme that connects Narek Arzumanyan's works. Being new in Germany, working with new materials and that they are being shown to the public for the first time. For the artist, the intimate and honest works symbolize self-integration in Germany and also what "Spür" is all about, bringing together things that seem very different at first glance.
Vernissage: 16.06.23 | 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 17.06.23 - 30.06.23
Di - Sa: 16 - 20 Uhr
Finnisage & Artist Talk: 01.07.23 | 18 Uhr
Hole Of Fame Königsbrücker
Str. 39 01099, Dresden
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Aren Shahnazaryan

Scamillus | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
1,100 EUR
Spür painting
Spür painting
Animal Skull | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
800 EUR
Lemon on the Table | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
800 EUR
Spür painting
Spür painting
Bottle | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
800 EUR
Skull | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
800 EUR
Spür painting
Spür painting
Stump | 2022
Oil on canvas | 25x25cm
800 EUR
Spür paintingSpür paintingSpür painting
Still Landscape | 2023
Oil on canvas | 60x80cm
3,300 EUR
Killer Cellar | 2023
Oil on canvas | 90x90cm
4,300 EUR
Still Landscape II | 2023
Oil on canvas | 80x60cm
3,300 EUR

Narek Arzumanyan

Spür paintingSpür painting
Spür paintingSpür painting
Spür painting
Schwarz | 2014
Oil stick, oil pastel on paper
3,500 EUR
Grigor Narekatsi II | 2014
Oil stick, oil pastel on paper
6,000 EUR
Masturba | 2014
Oil stick on paper
3,000 EUR
Munat | 2014
Oil stick on paper
3,200 EUR
Baum der la Liberte | 2016
Oil stick, oil pastel
White spray on paper
35,000 EUR

Quang Tran

Spür painting
Spür paintingSpür paintingSpür paintingSpür painting
Spür painting
Seated Woman II | 2023
Oil on canvas | 130x93cm
1,700 EUR
Abstract Composition | 2021
Oil on canvas | 34x29cm
550 EUR
Wasserwaage | 2023
Oil on canvas | 29x32cm
550 EUR
Abstract Form | 2023
Oil on canvas | 47x57cm
850 EUR
Scissors | 2023
Oil on canvas | 29x35cm
550 EUR
Seated Woman I | 2023
Oil on canvas | 105x75cm
1,200 EUR
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